Alfa One Corporation Wealth Management

Alfa One Corporation
Wealth Management

Each and every one of us has to deal with financial realities on a daily basis, paying bills, saving for a house or car and trying to find the best possible deal. When it comes to investment however, the variables involved and the sheer number of potential investments opportunities often leave us cold. At Alfa One Corporation, with our years of experience and market analysis insight we help to clarify this confusing world, into one that will act as a valuable tool in reaching your financial goals.

Personal Service

At Alfa One Corporation you as the client come first, regardless of investment level or length of relationship. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely conversant with and satisfied with every step undertaken on your behalf. The client’s needs are paramount and not some mouthed platitude at Alfa One Corporation; it is simply the way we conduct business.

By adapting our approach in regards from risk aversion to the instruments utilized, you will find that your portfolio is uniquely your own. We are always ready to make changes to all of the component parts of your portfolio, based on changes in the market and in your own far more personal circumstances. In this way your portfolio is not only the best performing but also the best for your individual requirements.

Communication is vital in every relationship as is the one between Alfa One Corporation and our clients. We remain closely involved with you through regular updating of your portfolio advice and through a genuine interest in delivering what is most important to you in our capacity as financial advisors. There are no changes too big or too small that we will not make to ensure your portfolio is the one you want it to be.

Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction at being a client of Alfa One Corporation is crucial to the success that we as a firm have enjoyed over many years. To this end we work tirelessly to maintain a complete picture of your account status that is easily followed and commented on by you. With regular inputs from you following our updates, we maintain the personal structure of your account as well as its performance.

Understanding your risk aversion and incorporating this across the range of your portfolio allows us not only to gain the maximum returns possible, but guarantees that you are comfortable with the manner in which these gains are generated.

By remaining completely connected with you, our Client Advisors will keep you up to date in regards to all aspects of your portfolio. This way any changes that are required are made in a timely and beneficial manner with your full understanding and consent. From the first time you contact us, to the time you fully leave the market, you are fully involved in every process, after all it’s your hard earned capital at work.

Protection and Profit

There is no magic bullet to minimizing the potential risk inherent in every investment. What is required is a comprehensive strategy of diversity and balance coupled with expert real time analysis of prevailing and future market conditions. This is how Alfa One Corporation is constantly ensuring that risk is either eliminated or minimized to an acceptable degree to each client’s specifications.

Alfa One Corporation Investment Management

Alfa One Corporation
Investment Management

With trade being transacted across borders and time zones at a staggering rate every hour, the ability to react to this ever changing landscape quickly and accurately, is of great importance. More important still is the ability to predict when and where these defining changes are going to occur, by understanding the forces that shape them. That is where Alfa One Corporation’s detailed understanding of interconnected market dynamics gives you as an investor the crucial edge.

To compliment this understanding of the markets dynamics, we incorporate an unrestricted array of financial instruments suitable for uses in every sector and every portfolio requirement. We can offer such an unparallel range by being truly independent allowing us the freedom to choose the right tool for the right job as opposed to what we carry at the time.

For those that are active in managing their own investments, we offer subscription to our constantly updated analysis and opinion on market conditions. You will have years of experience at your fingertips, giving you the most up to date take on the factors, policies and companies that are redefining the world’s premier markets, allowing you to take full advantage, at the time and place of your choosing.

Protecting Profits

Risk management and wealth preservation are often touted as being two distinct entities. We at Alfa One Corporation feel that this is not the case; we feel that they are literally opposite sides of the same coin, your coin. After taking detailed advice to minimize the inherent risks in any investment you might make, why would you then conceivably be willing to incur unnecessary losses in your exit strategy? In short you shouldn’t be and we are at hand to keep you constantly aware of every variable.

Alfa One Corporation Portfolio Design

Alfa One Corporation
Portfolio Design

All good investments have the same fundamental similarities, these come from proper design at the onset of investment. At Alfa One Corporation we start this process in complete consultation with our clients to make sure that the quite diverse scope of their individual needs are properly catered for. All factors from a client’s purview, risk, return, length, flexibility and tertiary exit considerations are combined with our real world experience and the highest possible standard of financial instruments to provide simply the best portfolio.

Diversification has become almost an overhyped buzzword among the investment community, often touted as something akin to a magic elixir that removes risk from investment. This is most certainly not the case, however when used in conjunction as a part of a properly formatted portfolio it does give the ability to spread risk more evenly across a range of securities.

Asset allocation is a practice that is most commonly incorporated along with diversification, in efforts to further reduce risk to an investment portfolio. In this way a portfolio’s holdings will be spread more evenly across the types of security held, the sectors in which these securities compete and even the countries and their related markets in which the securities originate. It is also prudent to expand this further and hold instruments of an opposing nature whereby a gain in one field, would see a corresponding decline in the other, but never a simultaneous decline or gain.

When applied to debt based instruments commonly encountered in the forms of bond, bills, futures and some fund designs, this practice is commonly called hedging. In this manner should one type of investment product suffer an adverse reaction in the market place, it is at best unlikely to have a follow on effect on the other instruments held. Or at worse, allow time for these instruments to be reassigned ahead of any potential loss that may recur.

Minimising Risk

By incorporating into your portfolio only the highest quality financial instruments from Alfa One Corporation’s expansive range of options in conjunction with the standard delivered by our years of practical experience in formulating outstanding performance based investment strategies, you will not only be experiencing the maximum returns but remain subject to the minimum risk possible.

Having your investment portfolio spread intelligently across both class and assets in select markets throughout the world ensures that your money is working as hard for you as you did to earn it. Safely, efficiently dependably, these adjectives describe perfectly an investment portfolio crafted for you by Alfa One Corporation.

Alfa One Corporation Portfolio Review

Alfa One Corporation
Portfolio Review

The very first step any prospective client should do is allow us at Alfa One Corporation to conduct a full and comprehensive review of your portfolio. From this we may determine minor changes to your existing strategy that will reap greater returns on your behalf. This also gives us insight into designing an expanded portfolio that best serves your needs.

This process gives us a strong but highly flexible blueprint that can be used as the basis of all future investments that you might wish to make, perhaps into fields that you were not aware of, yet mesh seamlessly with your existing outlook. This philosophy ensures that all of your portfolio, while diverse, is set to the high standards you deserve.

Often the topics discussed in our initial consultations may seem far removed from where you see yourself at the moment, however, engaging our expert assistance in your financial concerns will show you how we have helped countless individuals and companies achieve success, time and again.

While many financial advisors are content to be guided only by market considerations in regards to the evolution of portfolios under their management, we at Alfa One Corporation are critically aware that you and the personal circumstances of your personal life must also be factored into any changes that your portfolio undergoes over the course of its lifetime.

By building up a complete and detailed picture of your exact financial circumstances in the initial consultation and gaining the required insight into how you wish to see your wealth progress, Alfa One Corporation ensures that you are completely satisfied both in terms of performance and comfort throughout what we hope will be a long and rewarding partnership with you as we move forward.

Balancing Risk

Great performance through returns can easily be offset by the discomfort and worry that undue risk can cause to an investor. By determining from the onset the level of risk that you are comfortable with and maximizing the gains available from this, Alfa One Corporation will keep you happy in both regards. To this end we examine the following key dynamics for each client.

Determining factors to account for:

  • Client’s risk aversion level and boundaries.
  • Client’s desired market exposure and timeline.
  • Client’s liquidity threshold and capitalization.
  • Most cost beneficial allocation of funding.