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Alfa One Corp attends regional mergers and acquisitions conference in Hong Kong.

Executives from the Tokyo based financial advisory group Alfa One Corp, were in attendance at the 9th annual International Financial Law Review (IFLR) forum on mergers and acquisitions, held in Hong Kong.

January 26, 2015 - Alfa One Corp is a full service financial advisory company, though in the last few years, it like many of its industry peers, has seen increasing demand from their clients for additional mergers and acquisitions, as well as company restructuring management. As the trend of industry, seeking to expand their business interests in the region through mergers continues to grow rapidly, Alfa One Corp has placed a greater deal of its focus on this line of commerce. As part of this increased importance the decision was made for executives of the company to travel to and participate in the prestigious IFLR forum discussing this area of business.

The IFLR M&A forum was conducted over the 25th and 26th of February at the island’s Shangri-La Hotel and attracted a crowd of 300 bankers, legal representatives and industry representatives, to discuss the future of mergers and acquisitions in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the two days, topics discussed by the attendees included the effect on the Chinese mergers and acquisitions environment, due to increased private transactions, opportunities in the resource sector and governmental policy changes as well as due diligence requirements across differing legal jurisdictions.

Public Relations spokesperson for Alfa One Corp, Ms. Risa Nakai described her company’s impressions of the forum in a positive manner.“Across the Asian region, the current state and of mergers and acquisitions business has never been healthier. As more and more companies discover the significant advantages to themselves by conducting transactions like the ones presented, to expand into and out of the region, professional advisors rapidly have to change their practices to pick up the slack. Events such as the IFLR forum, give those of us in the industry an opportunity to examine a number of areas, in situations where we do not directly participate, as well as gain an understanding from the standpoint of other related fields. We feel that information learned at this event, will have a visible effect on the ways in which we conduct a great deal of our business activities and lead to new opportunities.”