Alfa One Corporation: About Us

Alfa One Corporation
About Us

For the overwhelming majority of people, the need for a secure financial outlook is one of the most important goals that they have. Without this security in place many of the most enjoyable and cherished parts of our lives cannot be guaranteed. With Alfa One Corporation as your partner we can make this crucial goal a reality.

Though highly valued and sought after, financial security is often a daunting task to achieve for many individuals and is therefore ignored for as long as circumstances allow. This does not have to be the case however, by working with Alfa One Corporation you will find that what you might once have viewed as a hard to reach dream is actually a very realizable outcome.

By working closely in conjunction with you and having a clear understanding of your evolving financial needs as your life progresses, Alfa One Corporation will be the light that guides you on the path to increased financial security and prosperity.

As a valued client of ours you gain the following:

  • Dedicated Client Advisory Team
  • Bond and Debt Market Services
  • Employee Benefits Provision
  • Private Equity Markets
  • Currency Market Access
  • Fund Management and Allocation

Our dedicated team at Alfa One Corporation stands ready to assist you in each and every area of your financial life. By allowing us to work with you, many of the important, yet somewhat daunting financial goals are readily obtainable with the right assistance, ours.

Alfa One Corporation: Our People

Alfa One Corporation
Our People

Alfa One Corporation’s sterling reputation in the financial services sector would not be possible without the dedicated and talented team of individuals who comprise our staff. Between their hard working ethos and the decades of practical experience earned in the most demanding of financial markets, they stand ready to deliver the finest performance on each and every account they handle.

Our independent status allows us at Alfa One Corporation to draw upon the cream of the financial crop of dynamic and high performance professionals. But this doesn’t mean that they can rest on their laurels, every member of the Alfa One Corporation family is constantly retraining, studying and become more proficient with all aspects of the vast range of high quality financial instruments at our disposal. We choose only the best of these to mesh seamlessly with our client’s requirements and are not hindered by any product alliance or prejudice.

Knowing our clients

To deliver a truly outstanding performance for your financial needs, we first must have a clear and concise understanding of your aims and objectives. We give each and every one of our clients a truly personalized service designed to be the best possible answer to their specific needs. There is no one size fits all outlook at Alfa One Corporation.

We know that each client’s personal circumstances are always evolving and this is true of their financial status and requirements as well. We are always fine tuning our approach in conjunction with our clients to ensure that all changes are accounted for by delivering outstanding performance.

Trust is an often talked about and vital contribution in anyone’s quest for financial well-being. At Alfa One Corporation, we view you as a long term partner as opposed to just another account and to this end we ensure that your Client Advisory Team remains constant as you navigate the path to greater financial security.

Alfa One Corporation: Management Team

Alfa One Corporation
Management Team


David Elliot


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David Elliot BSc MBA has over the course of his impressive professional career represented the interests of several prominent firms and institutions including Cantor Fitzgerald and AT&T before moving to Japan in 2003 to work M&A arrangements on behalf of key Japanese oil conglomerates. Recruited by Alfa One Corporation in the spring of 2007 to replace our outgoing Chairman, David has provided several fundamental policy changes that have seen Alfa One Corporation begin service and support roles for smaller investor classes.


Miyamoto Nakamura

Chief Financial Officer

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Miyamoto Nakamura BA. MBA CPA was educated in Tokyo, before further studies took him abroad where he obtained his MBA in Australia. Joining Alfa One Corporation at its inception, Miyamoto has worked his way from a junior analyst, rising swiftly to the position he currently holds since 2010. Miyamoto is licensed as a CPA in both Japan and Australia and holds chairs on the boards of directors of two other Japanese companies.


Antonio Cruz

Chief Executive Officer

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Antonio Cruz B.Eng MBA has previously worked in a range of managerial and supervisory positions within the structure of several large telecommunications firms, both in his native Chile and culminating in his role as C.O.O at Oi S.A’s cellular infrastructure division, the largest such provider in South America. From there Antonio was directly recruited by Alfa One Corporation to fill the position of C.O.O in 2009.